Enjoying a gelato in Rome

Enjoying a gelato in Rome


This is Ryan’s very first blog.  It was created in the Spring of 2009 and is a repository for Ryan’s musings about food and things related to food.  It contains his favourite recipes for cooking and baking.  It contains notes on menus and entertaining.  He writes about his restaurant experiences.  He shares his love for favourite kitchen tools.


Ryan has created this blog so he will always remember where he found that recipe for the perfect roast chicken, where he enjoyed the best croissant, and to not make that dip for his friends for the fifth time in a row.  He enjoys reading foodie blogs and this is his contribution to the growing online community of other like-minded foodie fiends.


The name Crispy Bits was inspired by the delicious little morsels of food, both sweet and savoury, that provide a satisfactory crunch.  It could be bacon or the tip of the wings on a roast chicken.  It could also be the edge of a brownie or an overbaked sugar cookie.  He hopes you enjoy these crispy bits within the pages of his blog and that you walk away a little more sated than you arrived.



3 responses to “About

  1. Jamie

    Speaking of crispy bits, did you know you can’t buy Shreddies in the US? It’s a constant source of sadness for my American ex, who discovered them here in Canada and almost gave up his US citizenship as a result.

    In the UK, they are knitted by nanas.


    In Canada they are considering changing the shape from a square to a diamond. Sacrilege, I say.


    I would appreciate recipes that contain maple Shreddies in particular.

  2. Ellen

    Fabulous recipes! You know I’m a fan. I’d love to see your key lime bars and any and all buttercream stories you may have.

    Three cheers!

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